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In areas surrounding Pocatello, roofing is key to ensuring that your home will stand up against the elements, because we all know they can change fast. We trust only the most reliable products to protect you. After all, you wouldn't buy the cheapest car you could find, would you? Neither would we.

What types of roofs are there?

There are a lot of different kinds of roofs, so we'll break them down according to what is most common for our area:

MOST COMMON: Metal Panel, Metal Standing

Seam, Rolled/Torch Down, and Asphalt Shingle.

MORE COMMON: Concrete Tile,

Wood Shakes, and Metal Shake.

NOT COMMON: Thatch, Clay Tiles,

Slate Tiles, and Stone Tiles.


TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), EPDM (Ethylene

Propylene Diene Monomer), Spray on industrial

(siliconized spray on foam or sealant application),

Tar and Ballast (tar paper, hot tar, and 1/4 chip

rock for ballast).


What products does CCX recommed?

We do all types of roofs, but when it comes to the asphalt shingle, we trust Malarkey to get the job done, because it has proven to stand up against the harshest of abuse. Don't believe us? Check out this torture test we performed! (COMING SOON)

To learn more about Malarkey Products, click anywhere on this line or our Malarkey Certified Badge!

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