What types of roofs does CCXteriors do?

What types of roofs does CCXteriors do?

As Pocatello roofers, we do all types of roofs. We have worked on residential and commercial roofing projects.

Asphalt is one of the most common materials you find in Pocatello and Idaho Falls roofing and the surrounding areas. Due to it's balance of cost and quality, it has proven to be a good choice for many and has come a long way in quality and longevity since its introduction to the roofing world.

Wood shake roofs are less common these days, but still hold the amazing quality that they have held for years past. We still maintain and install these roofs. Wood shake roofs have a heart-warming feel to them, but they do take more work to maintain.

Metal roofs are among the more expensive but long-lasting types of roofs. They still require some maintenance, but metal roofs hold up to the elements for far longer than other roofs.


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