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What types of roofs can be installed on a zero slope roof system?

There are a few different types of roofs that we install at CCX on 0 slope roofs.

TPO/ PVC roofs.

These are the white roofs often seen on large commercial buildings like Walmart.

These roofs are heat welded and have an average lifespan of 30 years.

They can be installed in such a way where water is held in a puddle on the roof surface, meaning no water will penetrate the roof.

These roof types are often installed over a foam base, increasing the insulated value of the roof. These roofs are difficult to get in various colors, outside of tan white black or grey.

TPO roofs and PVC roofs can also be installed in colder weather because the welder controls the heat application between each lap no matter the ambient air temperature.

Tar and ballast roofing systems are the tar and gravel roofs you often see on structures built in the 80s-90s.

They are effective roof systems that can last 30 years.

We don’t install these types of roofs at CCX, but we would love to tear them off when they fail and replace them with TPO or SBS modified rolled asphaltic roofs.

EPDM, rubberized black roofs are often installed at places like Walmart or other warehouses.

These do best in extreme cold weather, due to their pliability, but are black so they attract heat.

These are glued together, and glued down to the roof deck.

Similar to TPO, they are often installed over foam.

These roofs are less common, but we can install them at CCX.

But we would recommend TPO.

SBS modified asphaltic rolled roofing self adhering.

Our favorite of these are the Liberty roll from GAF or the OMNI seal from Malarkey.

Omniseal is my particular favorite.

These are installed in either a 2 ply system with base sheet and then cap sheet, or a 3 ply system with a mechanically attached base sheet and a self adhering base sheet above that and a cap sheet on top of that.

These roofs are growing in popularity because they are easier to install, and are often less expensive.

They can last about 30 years for the 2 ply and 50 years for the 3 ply systems.

However, these roofs do have their limitations.

They aren’t installed over foam so they like a solid deck to be adhered to.

They also require warm weather for their application to be super effective.

There are foam and sealant applied roofs that we don’t install but there are a few really cool applications for these in commercial settings.

A Trowell paint on surface coatings can be installed for cheaper options.

When leaks arise, we particularly like the Lucas Seal 6000 and 5500 systems.

These are easy to apply, but must be done properly.

These don’t typically last longer than 5-10 years.

This heavily relies on which chemical is installed, how thick, and if manufacturer specifications are strictly upheld.

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