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Our Certifications

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CCX beautifies your home exterior as the best contractor to wrap your place in all siding. Such as, true wood, hardy side, vinyl, seamless metal, and more. Let us Finalize your custom metal doors and window wraps too.

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Nobody likes having their hard earned landscaping washed away by pouring rain! Our gutters protect you from the weather. From industrial to specialty residential gutters or drainage systems, we can install and repair them all.

Do I qualify for an insurance claim?

We are insurance experts with 14 years of claims experience in both residential and commercial exterior restoration claims. If you suspect that your roof, siding and/or gutters have been damaged by wind, hail or other natural causes, you could qualify for a new roof, siding or gutters with little to no out of pocket expense. Give us a call to take a look!


Our Approach

We're the last call you will have to make for the exterior of your home.

We understand the headache of constantly trying to chase down information from contractors, or even getting them to call you back, so we strive to be the last call you should have to make by communicating with you every step of the way.


Not only do you get honest and quality work that will last for years to come, along with a lifetime warranty on all products and services, but you get continual updates, all the way from the first contact, inspection, estimation, throughout production, and finally our final walkthrough to ensure you're completely satisfied.


Our responsibility as a contractor is to take the weight of coordinating your vision of your project, keeping it within budget, and executing it in a timely manner with excellent quality. We see this as our vision and promise to you. 

Are you an Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent, or Property Manager?

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About CCX Roofing

CCX Roofing is Idaho's premiere contractor for the exterior of your home. We have professionally installed commercial and residential roofs, siding, and gutter systems throughout Idaho and eastern Wyoming as a preferred contractor for more than 150 contractors, insurance companies and property managers and countless homeowners. We’re a family owned business and have been in business since 2017.

We are a licensed and insured exterior contractor with bondability up to 3 million, providing our services all year long. CCX Roofing offers a high quality exterior installation process to preserve the integrity of your most precious properties. Not only does CCX Roofing install roofing of all types, we install all types of siding and gutters. We also install thin stone veneer, stucco, brick, block, and masonry trimmings on your house as well as exterior painting. Our project management team and crews will ensure your dreams for a perfect exterior become your reality.  

The CCX Roofing experience is unlike any other because of our knowledge in project management. Our professional training in project management will ensure your project flows through the critical path to completion accurately. This flow will be the reason why your exterior is perfect. Each trade unfolds without clash in schedule or poor quality due to fumbling over each other. This is handled by our highly trained project management team. 

It is our commitment to you that your home exterior looks nothing short of perfect. Imagine hiring a contractor who does amazing work, keeps perfect time frames, and communicates along the way. Don’t compromise on the work other contractors do. They will long forget you once you’ve paid your final bill, but you will never forget them. We at CCX Roofing stand behind all the work we do. We pay attention to the small details that will make the difference in the end: The true evidence of project success is when you walk out your front door, look back at your beautiful home, and feel confident that it will perform its proper function and look perfect forever. Let us at CCX Roofing professionally install all of your roofing, siding, and gutter needs.

On the very day of a strong windstorm, several of my shingles had blown off leaving my roof uncovered. I gave Cody a call and on that very day, only a few hours later, he called me back to let me know that he had already been up on my roof and repaired it! My worry was over!